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Intercome systems are ideal for providing peace of mind security and deterring unwanted visitors. Many New Zealand homes are set back from road frontage, which means intercoms are installed on pillars and require long cable runs. Quality audio and video intercoms with durable components are required under these circumstances.


The access controller can be connected to a computer to programe, which can run the system and also allow remote access.



Access Control Systems

Access control systems allow you to restrict entrance to authorised persons to your home or business and what areas they are allowed access to. Electronic access control can be achieved by a combination of electronic locks, card or biometric readers and software. Access control systems can be programemed for various levels and times of access. Each person can be programmed for individual levels for access. Access systems can log all events of who and when someone has accessed an area.


An access control system is usually intergrated with your alarm system. Access control systems have a controller, keypad (for onsite programming ) and access control devices wired to the controller to control locks on doors, gates, lights and more.

Various types of access card readers are available - proximity systems, swipe cards, retina scans and finger print reader.

The software that manages the system of an access control system means that your home or business can be automated, including lighting, air conditioning, time and attendance options and more. See more -->



Devices that can be connected to Access Systems are:

Proximity Reader: The reader can read the information on the card or tag from a small distance.

Swipe Card Reader: This reader requires a valid card to be swiped.

Fingerprint Reader: This reader reads the fingerprint of an individual.

Keypad: A 4-8 digit code allows access. Allows multiple users with individual access codes and can be used in conjunction with the Swipe, Proximity and Fingerprint readers.

Press to Exit: This allows exit if only access is required.

Emergency Override: This allows an emergency override (unlocking) of an access controlled door.

 Magnetic Lock: A powered lock which has a magnet attatched. Various sizes to suit.

Drop Bolt: This can be powered to lock and unlock.

 Access control features include:

  • Seamless integration of intruder alarm and access control ability.
  • Use of either proximity cards, key ring fob or biometric reader technology.
  • Vast assortment of locking devices to suit any access point.
  • Intergration with CCTV and digital video technologies.
  • Powerful and flexible programming of user access control rights.
  • End user system menagement software solutions.
  • Comprehensive reporting of user access and egress movements.






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Access Systems

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CCTV Systems

We can integrate a CCTV system into your existing MATV  or IP network.

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