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Agility 3

The Agility 3 is a state-of-the-art 2-way wireless alarm system designed for residential and small business markets that provide more than a standard home security. Supporting visial verification with a self monitoring Smartphone App (also available via web browser and email), enabling home owners to control their alarm systems remotely as well as real-time images taken with their eyeWave (inside) wireless PIR camera detector which communictaes with the connect Cloud server.

In the event of an alarm, the PIR camera is automatically activated which captures and sends a sequence of images which it sends to the users via RISCO's Smartphone Application.

      Key Features
  • Wireless zones (1-way, 2-way): 32
  • Wireless PIR Camera: 8
  • Partitions: 3
  • Keypads (LCD 2-way): 3
  • Self-monitoring App gives customers full control
  • Wireless Sounder (2-way): 3 (indoor or Outdoor)
  • Wired Outputs: 4 (with I/O Expander): 2x #A relay and 2x 500mA
  • X-10: Supported with IO Expander
  • Event log: 250
  • Flexible communication: PSTN, IP and GSM/GPRS in any combination
  • Reporting formats: COntact ID, SIA level 2 & 3 (text support), IP/GSM
  • Remote Programing: (GPRS, IP, PSTN)
  • Firmware upgrade: Local or remote via GPRS or IP
  • Supports DNS based IP addresses
  • Automated scheduling: 8 (set/unset or output control)

          End User Features:

  • Smartphone apps and web browser for video verification
  • Set/unset, control monitoring system
  • Email: Event and images notification
  • SMS: Event notification and remote control
  • Audio: Voice event messaging, touch-tone control with full voice menue guide, 2-way audio for listener-in and speaker-in
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 640x268.5x219.5
  • Approvals: EN50131, Grade2, Class 11, EN50136, IINCERT; SBSC

 * Images may vary from supplied product



 Optional Extras for the Agility 3 :     Prices only apply when ordered with alarm package . Minimum 1 hr charge + product any other time.                                                                                      

eyeWave Wireless PIR Camera

$325.00 + GST fitted

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Wireless Flood Detector

$87.70 + GST fitted



Wireless Barrier Beams



Wireless Smoke Detector

$175.50 +GST fitted


Wireless Watchout

$388.70 + GST fitted


Wireless Gas Detector

$299.00 + GST fitted


Wireless eyeWave

$128.50 + GST fitted


Wireless CO Detector

$299.00 + GST fitted


Wireless Shock and Shock Contact

$89.70 + GST fitted


Wristband Panic Transmitter

$78.00 + GST 


Wireless Door/ Window Contact

$97.50 + GST fitted


2-Button Panic Keyfob

$78.00 + GST



Wireless Gass Breaks

$136.50 + GST fitted


2 Way-8 Button Keyfob

$110.50 + GST 


Wireless Sounders

$258.70 + GST fitted


 4 Button Keyfob

$76.70 + GST


Internal Sounder

       $156.00 + GST fitted           


       * Images may vary from supplied product











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