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Climate has always been a factor for mould contamination in our homes but some poor construction methods has created leaky buildings and has add-ed to the increase of moulds in some newer built homes. Mould can affect people by creating different health issues. Some people are sensitive to moulds and can lead to various symptoms . Those with allergies to moulds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions. Exposure to mould or dampness may al-so lead to development of asthma in some individuals. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as people working around compost. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath. People are more likely to get mold infections if they have a weakened immune system, such as people receiving treatment for cancer, and people taking medicines that suppress the immune system. Get Prime-Tech to

For The Rapid Qualitative Identification Of Aspergillus, Penicillium And Stachybotrys Moulds

  • PrimeTech will do a screening test that will detect and identify the following mould species giving you accurate results in as little as 5 minutes.
  • PrimeTech’s Screening Kit is intended for use in the home and office for performing rapid screening of potential mould-containing samples and contains two test cassettes for the identification of mould species linked with poor Indoor Air Quality aspergillus and Penicillium (Asp/Pen) and stachybotrys.
  • PrimeTech will also carry out NON INVASIVE MOISTURE METER TESTING

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  • For The Rapid Qualitive Identification Of Aspergillus, Penicillium And Stachybotrys Moulds
  • Giving you accurate results in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Two different test cassettes for the identification of mould species
  • A screening test can Avoid unnecessary fees if negative result
  • Eliminate or address potential health issues
  • Will take Non evasive Moisture Meter readings
  • Can send to laboratory for confirmation testing information ( extra charge )

Master Alarms Ltd. T/A PrimeTech is a NZ Government Licenced Security Company

The Aspergillus/Penicillium ( Asp/Pen ) screening test

will detect the following species:
Aspergillus species: candidus, flavipes, flavus, fumigatus, nidulans, niger, ochraceus,penicilloides, restrictus, sclerotiorum, sydowii, terreus, ungus, versicolor

Chaetomium species: globosum

Neosartorya species: fisheri

Paecilomyces species: aurantogriseum, brevicompactum, chyrosegenum, citrinum, corylophilum, expansum, glabrum, marquandii, roqueforti, spinulosum, variotii, virdis

The Stachybotrys screening test

will detect the following species:

Stachybotrys species: chartarum, echinate

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Non Invasive Moisture Meter Testing

When it comes to determining mould risk, moisture meters are one of the most useful and important tools. Mould spores, which linger on surfaces, can often survive thorough cleaning and drying, and thrive undetected by conventional means. Using moisture meters, however, you can identify pockets of moisture within a surface, which in turn helps you to find where congregations of spores may exist. Knowing where moisture exists in a structure vastly improves your efforts to eliminate mould.


Testing a property for methamphetamine is the best way of checking whether a home is clean and safe to occupy. PrimeTech tests properties for people looking to buy, rent or invest in a property. We also test on behalf of property managers and landlords, but it is usually the people who are buying or moving in who want to ensure that a home is free from meth drug residue or has not been used for drug use or manufacture. PrimeTech can give you a quick yes/no answer with our initial test as well as carrying out more extensive tests if necessary.

Master Alarms Ltd t/a PrimeTech , is a fully Licenced Security and Private Investigator Company

PrimeTech will do an instant screen test and issue a report, or if requested send samples for laboratory testing, to see if your house or investment property is contaminated by either manufacturing or the smoking of methamphetamine . All the tests taken at the time of sampling by PrimeTech meet the current NZ ministry of Health’s guidelines NZS8510:2017 New Zealand health standards for methamphetamine in housing.

What level of detection, methamphetamine residue on household surfaces poses a risk to human health?

At present, there is differing scientific opinion over what level of methamphetamine consists as a safe level for people to live in. New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman has produced a report for the Housing Minister which says there is no evidence that third-hand exposure from methamphetamine smoking causes adverse health effects, and says he cannot see the point in testing homes for methamphetamine because the risk to health is so low in most cases.

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman said the new regime would make 200 previously unsafe Housing New Zealand houses available shortly and save HNZ around $30 million a year in testing and remediation. He also said that he couldn’t see the point of testing, full stop, unless the police or the forensics suspect it has been a place of synthesis. Only 5 to 10 percent of Properties used as operating meth labs are found by police. Sir Peter Gluckman said people were more at risk from mould in their home than they were from meth contamination, and in terms of the housing estate, mould is far more dangerous that meth.

But the meth testing industry has slammed the report, calling the office of the PM’s Chief Science Advisor “reckless”. They have been provided with a report that panders to the economic and social policy direction this government is looking to set.

Often meth is made in bedrooms using hotplates and Pyrex dishes without the need for running water or electricity and only takes a few hours to do a batch with minimal equipment.

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ONLY $170.00 + gst.

  • For 5 Instant Screening Test Results YES / NO POSITIVE / NEGATIVE Instant Methamphetamine Analysis Report issued
  • Testing Grade: ( price will vary on size of house & how many samples are required )
  • Grade One: Find out immediately if meth residue is present. This test is for screening testing only.
  • Grade Four: This will give levels of concentration & in what sample areas. PrimeTech will take further detailed swabs and deliver these to Hill Laboratories ( IANZ accredited )) to test for traces of Methamphetamine from the suspected contaminated areas (houses/apartment/ offices). ( extra charge for grade four test )
  • All Tests taken at time of sampling carried out by PrimeTech meet the current NZ Ministry of Health’s guidelines: NZS8510:2017 ( Disclaimer notice) click here

Master Alarms Ltd. t/a PrimeTech is a NZ Government Licenced Security Company & Private Investigator


Master Alarms Ltd. T/A PrimeTech cannot be held liable for contamination that was either not identified during our inspection, or for any contamination that has occurred after our screening process. Master Alarms Ltd. t/a PrimeTech uses all reasonable skill and care in carrying out testing to ensure accuracy in the testing process under the current governments Ministry of Health guidelines. Despite this we provide no warranty regarding the detection of all methamphetamine residues at the properties that we test. Due to the nature of methamphetamine testing processes currently in use, PrimeTech cannot give complete assurance that methamphetamine will al-ways be detected, or that testing methods will always deliver 100% accurate results.
PrimeTech accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by clients in acting in reliance upon any of the result(s) of our meth detection sampling of property testing products.

*Based on the guidelines for the remediation of Clandestine Methamphetamine sites.

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