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Private Investigation: Surveillance & Infidelity

Master Alarms Ltd. T/A PrimeTech Private Investigation based in Tauranga is a fully licensed Private Investigating company since 2002 issued by the NZ MINISTRY OF JUSTICE Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority of NZ (PSPLA).
PSPLA Company Licence # 11-003626.
Our registered Private investigators have PSPLA Certificates Of Approval (COA) and hold all classes. They also have Executive Diplomas’ of Private Investigation from the International Career Institute.
PrimeTech Private Investigation holds all Security and Private Investigators classes: PI. SC. ST. PSG. PRG. CC. RPA. CDDA.

General surveillance, Security Consulting, Security Systems installation and reviews, Covert Camera deployment, Meth Detection in Homes and one of our core activities is to Catch a Cheating Partner. Suspecting your partner or spouse of cheating is one of the most difficult things to endure in a relationship. It’s not just the betrayal that can hurt – cheaters often lie about other things as well. Meaning you may face a difficult fight over the assets of the relationship later on, not to mention custody issues if you have children. However, surveillance is not limited to cheating spouses and ranges from child custody issues to employment and insurance fraud.

Quite often, surveillance is the only method of investigation that gets answers. PrimeTech Private Investigation will follow and observe a subject using modern techniques and advanced technology. This type of private investigation is the most common, and does confirm whether your suspicions are correct and whether your spouse or partner is actually cheating on you.

Infidelity is one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to someone and the prospect of a partners betrayal in being unfaithful is painful, embarrassing and unsettling. PrimeTech Private Investigation can obtain best evidence for their clients by way of video and photographs, using state of the art video equipment, and will obtain the visual evidence you need while operating with-in legislative and privacy guidelines.
PrimeTech Private Investigation knows that proof of infidelity or adultery is essential and will provide you with detailed logs and relevant photographs as well as detailed assessments that will give you irrefutable evidence that cannot be denied along as part of their discreet, professional infidelity investigations.

Surveillance & Infidelity

PrimeTech Private Investigation utilize an array of investigative options such as surveillance, computer and mobile phone forensics, or GPS tracking if applicable, among many other services . PrimeTech Private Investigation has to work within the law and can’t tap phone or hack computers, but do their utmost get the results for clients and get those questions answered and to help them move on with their lives in whatever direction eventuates during an investigation Surveillance can be the most effective precision intelligence gathering and investigative tool available. Technology has made it easier for people to have affairs, plus there are dating websites , but PrimeTech Private Investigation uses the latest technology available to them.

Clients have our complete assurance that your case will be completely confidential, including the consultation. (initial telephone consult is free).

Methamphetamine Home Testing

Methamphetamine has become a significant problem for New Zealand. Its rise as the drug of choice has been unprecedented. Relatively easy to manufacture combined with the ability to make huge profits Methamphetamine use and manufacture is a significant issue for todays home owner, investor and insurance companies. PrimeTech Private Investigation now offers Methamphetamine testing for home owners, property investors, and insurance companies. See more

Hidden Camera Installation

Have you suspicions about staff theft, Vandalism, theft, shoplifting, credit card fraud? Do you suspect your cleaner/nanny/gardener of stealing or taking advantage of your home. PrimeTech Private Investigation can arrange the installation of a covert surveillance camera. PrimeTech Private Investigation can also assist our clients to purchase their own overt camera systems. Personal assaults and home burglaries are all significantly reduced when CCTV cameras are seen to be in operation. See more

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